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Cultural Conflict Hinders Taiwan’s Green Sea Turtle Conservation

Taiwan Insight

Cultural taboo and inadequate government policy make it incredibly difficult to conserve Taiwan’s Green Sea Turtles.


VIETNAM: World's Largest Cave Threatened by Cable Car Plans


Tourism at Vietnam's colossal and stunning Son Doong Cave, restricted for years, is set to boom once a cable car system is installed by developers.


Jiaming Lake National Trail Will Be Closed For Three Months Next Year

Zou Chi

Jiaming Lake is a renowned alpine lake in Taiwan that has long been a tourist attraction. Central News Agency reports, the hikers swarming in have trampled the trail into a flat barren terrain, shaving the lakeside bald. A senior tour guide of the Bunan tribe, Yu Jia-ming, indicates that the “Hero’s Slope” ought to be hiked in zigzags, but people prefer to take a straight path and the same routes, which weakens the landscape and makes it easy for the rain to erode.

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