Human Rights Watch Demands Probe Into Killing of Prominent Laotian Activist in Thailand

Voice of America

Bounsuan was a former member of the Free Laos group involved in several protests in front of the Lao embassy in Bangkok demanding respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.


Heavy Rains Improve Mekong Life, but Concerns Remain

Voice of America

Many fishers say that although bumper catches were helped by illegal electric nets, the harvest was still low because of dams.


New Species Found in Embattled Greater Mekong

Deutsche Welle

The share of people living in cities across the five middle-income countries in the Greater Mekong has roughly doubled since 1970, pushing species to the brink of survival.



The Interpreter

Laos, one of Asia’s tiny communist nations is looking at blockchain to fuel an economic boom.


Human Rights Abuses in Laos Are Rampant. International Businesses Should Take Action.

TNL Feature

Under LPRP rule, human rights violations are rampant in Laos, but they receive little attention around the world. The upcoming elections are unlikely to change this, either.


China’s Water Ambitions May Leave Neighbors Dry

Will Peyton

China's extensive dam projects are drying up rivers, often leaving neighboring countries in the dust with little to bargain.


PHOTO STORY: China Slices Through Laos With New High-Speed Railway

Surya Chuen

Photojournalist Surya Chuen follows the path of Chinese development through rural northern Laos.


Southeast Asia's Douc Langurs: The Prettiest Primates You've Never Heard Of

Gregory McCann

These 'mini-Santas' of Indochina are increasingly threatened. Let's appreciate their beauty.


OPINION: Laos Dam Disaster Offers Chance to Reassess Renewables Plan

The Third Pole

The decision to suspend hydropower projects offers Laos a chance to work with international partners and switch to less environmentally impactful renewables.


Laos Hydropower Dam Collapses, Hundreds Missing


Hundreds are missing and several are presumed dead after a hydropower dam collapsed in southern Laos on Monday night. About 6,600 people have been displaced by flooding.

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