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Carrying the Torch: Clashing Horns at a Grasslands Festival in Sichuan

Edward Columbia

[Nonfiction] For China's Yi communities, largely concentrated in the southwestern provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan, the Torch Festival is among the biggest events of the year.


Six Museums Worth Visiting in Taipei

TNL Staff

Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for Taipei’s best museums.


Six Unique Libraries Worth Visiting in Taipei

TNL 編輯

Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for Taipei’s best places to soak in the charm of libraries.


From Caracas to Taipei: The Strange World of Ignacio Huang

James Baron

The life of the Taiwan-born Argentine actor spans across continents and cultures.


Is Eating Dog Meat Really on the Way Out in Asia?

ZiQing Low

Taiwan's dog meat ban has been welcomed but China’s largest 'dog meat festival' is set to enter its eighth year, and Indonesia sees an increase in dog meat consumption.


Six Independent Bookstores to Observe Taipei’s Cultural Landscape

TNL Staff

Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for Taipei’s best places to browse the shelves.

Dumile Dlamini & Tivamile Dlamini, founders of LIHIYA.

Cross-Cultural Ambassador: Swaziland Sisters’ Fashion Dream

Beyonder Times

When African culture meets Austronesian culture in fashion, what kind of sparks will you expect? LIHIYA might give you some clues.


Why 40 Percent of Vietnamese People Have the Same Last Name

Dan Nosowitz

Everyone knows a Nguyen, but how did that come to be?


Q&A: Beijing Writer Stanley Chan on How Sci-Fi is Changing China

Sarah Karacs

Ultimately we have to learn to get used to a world that humans are no longer the protagonist but playing a supporting role.


What Food Tells Us About China’s Confused National Identity

Chen Yudan

Variety is the country’s culinary hallmark, but it doesn’t help the Chinese pin down exactly what it means to be Chinese.

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