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BOOK REVIEW: 'Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy to a City'

Dinah Gardner

'Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy for a City' spans five decades, two husbands, a dozen other lovers, a handover to the Motherland, the dementia of the author's mother and the death of her father.


Chinese Talent Shows, Popular Music and Cross-Strait Relations

Ya-Hui Cheng

Have TV talent shows helped Taiwanese citizens view China differently?


A Guide to Touring Taiwan By Bus

An introduction to routes to almost all parts of the island.


From Hong Kong to Italy and Back: Heidi Li Sings Her Multicultural Journey

Marta Colombo

'Jazz is similar to Cantonese opera […] the singer takes over the pace, creating an amazing atmosphere that is almost spiritual.'


OPINION: Culture as a New Diplomatic Strategy for Taiwan

Jason Hsu

Taiwan’s culture potentially provides it with a unique diplomatic power, if it can harness it.


Visiting the Real Mongolia

Although many travelers from Taiwan visit the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, true adventures seekers don’t settle for Mongolia-light, writes Tim Ferry.


Pain Still Runs Deep as Taiwan Marks 30 Years Since Martial Law

Agence France-Presse

Official records state around 140,000 people were tried by military courts with as many as 8,000 executed during the 38-year crackdown. Many believe the actual numbers are higher.


Korea's First Black Model is Facing Widespread Racism

Agence France-Presse

Some mixed-race children in South Korea are bullied at school and constantly taunted as 'tuigi,' a derogatory term that literally means cross-bred animals.


Foreigners in China Should Check Their Privilege

Nuala Gathercole Lam

Why are Chinese hesitant to police foreigners’ bad behavior when they’re so quick to condemn their own?


On the Front Lines of Taiwan's History in Kinmen

Once the focal point of hostilities between China and Taiwan, the Kinmen archipelago has evolved into a fascinating tourist destination.

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