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US Approves Deal To Boost Taiwan Defense Systems

Deutsche Welle

The US$100 million arms deal is meant to help Taiwan “sustain, maintain, and improve” its air-defense missiles in the face of pressure from China, a U.S. defense agency said.


Nicaragua Switches Official Allegiance to China From Taiwan

Deutsche Welle

Nicaragua was among a handful of countries that officially recognized Taiwan. While the Central American nation’s relations with the U.S. have soured, Taiwan’s relations with the U.S. have only grown.


Creative Ideas for Conflict Resolution in the Taiwan Strait Must Be Based on Facts

J. Michael Cole

Cole responds to Dr. Liu Yawei's article about his ideas on conflict resolution in the Taiwan Strait.


Why the Sky Did Not Fall after São Tomé and Príncipe Dropped Taiwan

J. Michael Cole

The loss of São Tomé and Príncipe, and of The Gambia before that, hardly constitute a knockout of Taiwan, writes J. Michael Cole.


WEF Corrects 'Error' in Annual Report, Reinstates ‘Taiwan, China’

J. Michael Cole

Beijing imposes a fiction about Taiwan and often gets its way in global institutions. But in the end, nomenclature will never change the facts on the ground.


Ma Quizzed on Taiwan’s Capital, International Students Respond

Hsu Chia-yu

'I was afraid that Ma would give some politically incorrect answers. If he did so, then we, the Chinese students, would probably have to do something to protest against it.'


OP-ED: ‘One China’ or Air Safety?

J. Michael Cole

Taiwan’s allies, formal and tacit, must come forward as they did with the WHA and support Taiwan’s effort to participate at ICAO, no matter how Beijing reacts.


Radio Silence in the Taiwan Strait? Think Again

J. Michael Cole

News that Beijing has suspended communication mechanisms with Taipei need to be taken in their proper context. It’s much less alarming than you think.

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