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Excessive Housing Speculation Is Weakening Taiwan’s Economy and Society

Roy Ngerng

Housing speculation creates instability and inequality. Given the growing national security threats from China, policymakers’ refusal to confront the problem puts Taiwan in a highly precarious situation.


Taiwan’s Lost Growth (Part 2): How Stagnant Wages are Throttling the Economy

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan has one of the lowest GDP growths since 1995 among emerging economies. This is not going to change if wages don’t grow.


Taiwan’s Unsuccessful Transformation

Bart Dashorst

Are Taiwanese nationalism and democratization to blame for a lackluster economy? This is the main argument of Chu Wan-wen’s ‘Taiwan’s Unsuccessful Transformation: Democratization and Economic Development’.


Asian Economies To Shrink for First Time in 60 Years

Deutsche Welle

Due to the devastating and prolonged effects of Covid-19, Asian economies are expected to end the year in negative territory for the first time since the 1960s, according to a new report by the Asian Development Bank.


Taiwan’s Rigged Economy Dampens Innovation

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan’s workers have taken the lowest share of GDP among comparable countries for the past two decades.


Anxious Chinese Consumers Expect Coronavirus Crisis to Last Until Summer

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Chinese consumers are expecting the coronavirus to last until July despite local economists predicting a quick recovery in the second quarter.


Despite Duterte’s Bluster, the Philippines Continues to Profit

Hal Hill

The economy of the Philippines remains strong despite violence and unpredictability — it has not experienced a financial crisis since 2002. Can the markets continue to remain detached amid political upheaval?


Does Taiwan Really Need More Foreigners?

Ketagalan Media

Taiwan needs new talent but Taiwanese people’s inability to market the country effectively is hampering its ability to attract the right people.


Tsai’s Government Failing Taiwan’s Workers with Cruel Minimum Wage Increase

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan has been sinking into a state of stagnation for more than a decade, the Tsai government continues to give businesses too much latitude.


China’s Fevered Property Market Exporting Risk to Asia

Tristan Kenderdine

Global risk merchants are starting to fret over Chinese local governance — a matter that was conveniently ignored throughout the growth boom of the past two decades.

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