Domestic Lawfare: ‘PRC Citizens Are Taiwanese’ Rule Abolished 

Michael Fahey

A new executive order states that PRC citizens “neither enjoy the rights nor have the duties of ROC citizens.” It may not have a lasting negative impact on the legal rights of PRC citizens in Taiwan, but it demonstrates a clear message that Taiwan and China are separate countries.


Singapore and Taiwan’s Multifaceted, Unofficial Ties

Ja Ian Chong

Singapore has had robust economic, societal, and cultural ties with Taiwan, but its trepidation at offending the PRC may prompt it to pull back.


An Alternative Reading of PRC History: ‘Revolution and Counterrevolution in China’

Xiaochen Su

‘Revolution and Counterrevolution’ makes a powerful argument against the tendency to see 1978 as a concrete dividing line between two different Chinas.


INFOGRAPHIC: How Taiwan's Presidents Speak About Taiwan and China

If Lin

Taiwan’s leaders have bounced between terms when referring to Taiwan and China, with Tsai Ing-wen notably abandoning the usual lexicon.


OPINION: Xi's Consolidation of Power Will Ultimately Weaken China

Tristan Kenderdine

Xi's move to abolish two-term limits on the presidency signals the end of the Reform Era and a deepening of Party reform of the State that will ultimately lead to a weaker China.


CARTOON: ROC or PRC? Philippines Apologizes for Logo Misuse

Stellina Chen

The Philippines accidentally ran the risk of hurting the feelings of the Chinese people by using Taiwan's Ministry of Defense logo at an event to celebrate warming ties between the Philippines and China.


BOOK REVIEW: The Chinese Invasion Threat: Taiwan's Defense and US Strategy in Asia

Michael Turton

Don't believe the hype. Ian Easton's new book is no roadmap to a 2020 invasion of Taiwan by China. Instead, it is a thoroughly researched joy of a read that delves deep into the complexities of potential cross-Strait conflict, and comes up suggesting Taiwan remains a tough nut to crack for the PLA.


Creative Ideas for Conflict Resolution in the Taiwan Strait Must Be Based on Facts

J. Michael Cole

Cole responds to Dr. Liu Yawei's article about his ideas on conflict resolution in the Taiwan Strait.


Has Xi Jinping Changed China?

Angela Stanzel

After four years in charge, Xi still has many great challenges to tackle if he is to fulfill this dream.


Cross-Strait Watch No. 2

Shuhei Omi

An overview of key developments in relations between Taiwan and China this week.

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