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A Tsai-Xi Meeting? Debates Rise Among Uncertainty of Cross-strait Relations

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After the Ma-Xi meeting last year, president-elect Tsai Ing-wen has not ruled out the possibility of meeting with China’s president Xi Jinping. On March 23, both Tsai and Xi received invitations from Panama to attend their completing ceremony of the Panama Canal. Discussions have been raised about whether the leaders of both countries will meet.


Connecting Flight Policy between Taiwan and China to Launch


The Ma-Xi meeting has made a breakthrough in past negotiations regarding flight-transferring issues between China and Taiwan. According to analysis, great business opportunities in the aviation and tourism industry will appear after implementation of the connecting flight policy.

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Cross-Strait Hotline Officially Launches


Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Hsia Li-yan says that this hotline is the concrete result from the meeting between the cross-strait leaders. He hopes that through this hotline, the communication between Taipei and Beijing can become smoother in terms of emergencies and other important issues.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou leave after shaking hands during a summit in Singapore

Cross-Strait Hotline Launches at the End of 2015


Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council Minister Andrew Hsia says, setting up the hotline is not easy because of security and technological problems involved. He also says President Ma isn’t setting up the hotline for personal or the party's interests.


Japanese Media Says Taiwan Tourists Are Lowering Voices in Public in Fear of Being Mistaken for Chinese


The report points out that recently the Taiwanese tourists in Japan have been more quiet and low-key. It also mentions that the feeling of not wanting to be mistaken for Chinese people in the Taiwanese society has grown after the Ma-Xi meeting in Singapore.

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Taiwanese Aborigines: We Are Not Descendants of the Yellow Emperor


Aboriginal groups said the Ma-Xi meeting was not sanctioned, so President Ma could not represent the Taiwanese people, or even Taiwanese aborigines, and declare that people on both sides of the strait are all part of the Chinese nation.


Overseas Taiwanese Students Issue Joint Statement Regarding Ma-Xi Meeting


Lin Fei-fan, leader of the Sunflower Student Movement, says that President Ma Ying-jeou can't represent the people of Taiwan and Taiwan is not a part of China. He also says it is important to let the world know that the Taiwanese are the only ones that can fix this.

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What The Chinese Are Saying About The Ma-Xi Meeting


Some people have commented, "This shows the progress of history and the people." "We have waited 66 years for this 70-second-long handshake." "I shed tears when the scene appeared on the television screen." Others describe the scene as,"touching, shocking" and say, "God bless the two sides. Go, China."

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