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OPINION: China's '31 Incentives' Should Be a Wake-Up Call for Taiwan

Yuan-Ming Chiao

China's lures fuel a sense of insecurity in Taiwan, but many resolvable economic and societal problems lie closer to home.


Does Taiwan Really Need More Foreigners?

Ketagalan Media

Taiwan needs new talent but Taiwanese people’s inability to market the country effectively is hampering its ability to attract the right people.


Taiwan Dishes Out the Carrots to Attract Foreign White-Collar Workers

Taiwan's planned new legislation would make tax and other incentives available to international talent.

蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen

How to Resolve Taiwan's Brain Drain

Reversing a long-running brain drain will be an important step on the path to economic revival.


BOOK REVIEW: 'The Ethics and Politics of Immigration'

Guy Aitchison

Alex Sager brings together contributors to examine debates within political philosophy and theory regarding the laws, policies, and practices governing immigration.


Taiwan Low Salary Causing Brain Drain

TNL 編輯

62.3% of young Taiwanese aged 20 to 35 plan to work abroad, 89.2% of which explain that the low salaries in Taiwan are what drive them to leave the country. While more young Taiwanese intend to work overseas, the Philippines, which has struggled with economic development for decades, has been able to keep its young talent from leaving the country in recent years.

上班族_捷運台北101站_Entrance to Taipei 101/World Trade Center MRT Station, Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwan's Competitiveness Ranks High, But 85.6% People Still Rather Work Abroad?

Shih Yuan

91% of interviewees that have worked abroad say their salary was higher than their last job in Taiwan. In general, jobs overseas offer salaries that are 30% higher than what they can get in Taiwan. This shows a huge gap in salary standards inside and outside of Taiwan.


ECCT Annual Report Calls for Taiwanese Companies to Relax Restrictions on Working Hours

Shih Yuan

Taiwan obviously lags behind in the Asia-Pacific region in attracting foreign talent and is facing a serious challenge in ensuring labor supply and retaining technical talents, not to mention the difficulties in maintaining short-term and mid-term economic growth and competitiveness. The report notes that despite regulations concerning the employment of expats have been loosened in recent years, some unreasonable restrictions still exist.

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