Taiwan Fails To Lower the Voting Age to 18

Bryan Chou

Experts have said the referendum is unlikely to pass due to the high threshold and a relatively low turnout in local elections.


Explainer: Taiwan’s 2021 Referendum Results

TNL Staff

All four referendum questions in Taiwan have failed to pass, marking a victory for the governing DPP and setback for the opposition KMT.


Cop, Philosopher, and President?

Michael Fahey

New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-yi wrote a master class in the art of the Chinese essay and offers a compelling conservative vision for Taiwan’s future. Should he run for president, he will be a very formidable candidate.


The Diplomatic Struggle Over Taiwan’s Name in the Olympics

Global Voices

The Taiwanese team can only compete under the name of Chinese Taipei in the Games. Some are trying to change that.


JAPAN: Okinawa Referendum Set to Decide Future of US Military Presence

East Asia Forum

Voters will decide whether US troops should be relocated amid increasing opposition to their presence on the island.


Catalonia and Taiwan? Not the Same

Hector Muñoz

It’s important to check the political reality before falling victim to emotion when it comes to discussing issues of independence.


Art Exhibition Highlights Concerns of Penghu Casino Plan

Olivia Yang

The outlying island archipelago located in the Taiwan Strait will be seeing its second referendum on a casino bill this Saturday. A group of artists are raising awareness of the issue at a new exhibition in Taipei.

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