Taiwan's Same-Sex Marriage Decision: A Personal Reflection

Jay Lin

A Taiwan LGBT activist and same-sex marriage campaigner reflects on a day he will never forget.


OPINION: Time for Taiwan Lawmakers to Act on Gay Marriage Now

Jason Hsu

'I hope the government and my fellow legislators can face this issue directly and fearlessly, rather than avoid it.'


Breaking: Taiwan Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

Agence France-Presse

Gay rights supporters in Taiwan are celebrating today after the Constitutional Court said banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.


On the Verge of History: Will Taiwan Legalize Same Sex Marriage Today?

Ketagalan Media

If Taiwan’s constitutional court does deem same sex marriage to be legal, not only will it become a watershed in Taiwan’s history of democracy and developing civil society, it will also have profound meaning for LGBTQ rights around the world. 


OPINION: Indonesia, Please Stop Public Flogging of Gay Men

Phelim Kine

The president should denounce punishment of 85 lashes for ‘sodomy’ in Aceh, writes Phelim Kine.


Osaka Becomes the First Municipality in Japan to Recognize Same-Sex Foster Parents

Nevin Thompson

This pioneering decision by the city of Osaka has been trending on Twitter since the beginning of April 2017.


Four Questions on LGBT Parenthood

Jay Lin

Jay Lin shares four questions out of the many asked at a Hewlett-Packard company luncheon at which employees gathered to interact with two gay parents.


INTERVIEW: Facing Past Pain and Empowering Others Through 'Small Talk'

Olivia Yang

The intention behind making the Teddy Award-winning documentary, 'Small Talk,' was never to enter any film festival, but rather for the director to face the pain of her past and mend her relationship with her mother.


Why Disney's 'Gay Moment' is Causing Hysteria in Singapore

Kirsten Han

The church's lack of acceptance has a very real impact on the mental health of LGBT people, writes Kirsten Han in Singapore.


Over the Rainbow: The LGBT Challenge in Indonesia

Hendri Yulius

The war against homosexuality has not ended.

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