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‘Your Name’ First Gay Film in Taiwan To Earn NT$100 Million

Rath Wang

Earning NT$100 million is not just a reflection of the movie's individual success. It will lay the foundation for more films that bring LGBT+ topics mainstream in Taiwan.


The Year's Only In-Person Workplace Pride Was Just Held in Taipei

Rath Wang

The event was a demonstration of two pillars of Taiwan's cultural diplomacy: its successful Covid-19 response, and its progress in LGBT equality.


The Struggle for LGBT Adoption Rights: An Interview With Reese Li

Sean Pan

Reese Li of Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Advocacy (TLFRA) explains the contours of the struggle for adoption rights for gay couples.


Challenging the Gender Binary in Taiwan: An Interview With Victoria Hsu

Sean Pan

Victoria Hsu of Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights answers our questions on Taiwan's post-marriage equality landscape.


How Does South Korea View Its Marginalized Groups?

TNL Feature

Compared with other marginalized groups, North Koreans are by far the most preferred neighbor in South Korea.


Post-Marriage Equality, What's Next for Taiwan? An Interview With Jennifer Lu

Sean Pan

Jennifer Lu of the Taiwan Equality Campaign answers our questions on Taiwan's post-marriage equality landscape.


Did More Taiwanese Come Out at Work Since Same-Sex Marriage Legalization?

Ryan Drillsma

A recent survey by the Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association shows lingering discrimination against gay people at Taiwanese workplaces.


Is South Korea's LGBT+ Community Being Scapegoated for Covid-19 Spread?

Deutsche Welle

South Korean authorities warn that overt homophobia is hampering their efforts to trace the thousands of people who visited Itaewon over the weekend to celebrate the relaxing of social distancing restrictions.


Taking Taiwan's Progress to the Global Stage

Jay Lin

Organizations in other Asian countries are looking to Taiwan to show the way forward for LGBT rights.


Award-Winning Activist Jay Lin on Sharing LGBT Stories with Asia

Jay Lin

A landmark year for the LGBT community opened with one of Taiwan's own receiving a special award for activism.

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