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Syria’s Assad Visits China for First Time Since Civil War

Deutsche Welle

Syrian President Bashar Assad visited China to attend the Asian Games and meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping. This visit marks Assad's first trip to China since the start of the Syrian civil war.


A Step-up for China’s Involvement in the Middle East

The Interpreter

Beijing will soon supplant Washington as a dominant security partner ­– and the Arab world sees a chance for leverage.


OPINION: Trump's Iran Sanctions Open Door to China in Middle East

The Conversation

The threat of US sanctions on Iran leaves a void that Chinese firms will be only to eager to fill.


ANALYSIS: China's Thirst for Oil a Strategic Advantage in the Middle East

Dr. James M. Dorsey

The Middle East needs China to buy its oil, but the PRC is starting to realize and wield its economic power.


China is Getting More Interested in the Middle East

Gedaliah Afterman

The visits combined with other diplomatic activities reflect the fact that China’s engagement with the Middle East has been growing steadily in recent years.


Middle Eastern Migrants Live the Chinese Dream

Chen Shanshan

Although China doesn’t have laws recognizing refugees, savvy businesspeople from Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya have found a new home in Yiwu.


China’s One-Way Trade Street

Tristan Kenderdine

Rather than a regional trade agreement, China’s Belt and Road strategy is an extension of Beijing’s economic policy in foreign lands, Tristan Kenderdine writes.


Trump Stabilized East Asia by Striking Syria

Lionel Fatton

If cruise missiles may bring chaos in the Middle East, they are delivering peace in East Asia. The Trump administration’s decision to strike the Syrian regime is helping reassure Asian allies anxious over North Korea.


Saudi Arabia the Next Stop on China’s Maritime Silk Road

Micha’el Tanchum

China and Saudi Arabia's increasingly close relations signals a consequential shift in the Middle East - Asia security architecture.

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