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Singapore Voids Marriage after Husband's Sex Change

Agence France-Presse

Singapore maintains legislation dating back to British colonial rule making sex between men a criminal act although it does not actively enforce the law.


PODCAST: Being Gay in Taiwan

TNL Staff

Check out the latest episode of The News Lens Radio.


'Family' Group Hassles Taipei School over Rainbow Flag

Kuan Chen

The battle against intolerance in Taiwan looks set to continue.


OPINION: Police Raids are Fostering Anti-Gay Hysteria in Indonesia

Brad Adams

Law enforcement needs to protect Indonesia's LGBT people, Brad Adams says.


Pink Dot, Speakers' Corner and the Death of Singapore's Only Space for Dissent

Kirsten Han

The Singapore government is barring foreigners from assembling at Hong Lim Park in support of LGBT rights.


Taiwan's Same-Sex Marriage Decision: A Personal Reflection

Jay Lin

A Taiwan LGBT activist and same-sex marriage campaigner reflects on a day he will never forget.


PHOTO STORY: Taiwan Reacts to Landmark Gay Marriage Ruling

Olivia Yang

Moments before and after Taiwan's top court rules in favor of gay marriage.


Breaking: Taiwan Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

Agence France-Presse

Gay rights supporters in Taiwan are celebrating today after the Constitutional Court said banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.


OPINION: Indonesia, Please Stop Public Flogging of Gay Men

Phelim Kine

The president should denounce punishment of 85 lashes for ‘sodomy’ in Aceh, writes Phelim Kine.


OPINION: New President Must Tackle Rights Across Korean Peninsula and the Region

Phil Robertson

The new South Korean government should tell Beijing that returning North Koreans back into the clutches of Pyongyang is unacceptable because it condemns those refugees to certain torture, imprisonment and in some cases, death, argues Phil Robertson.

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