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Watered-Down LGBTQ ‘Understanding’ Bill Shows How Far Japan’s Parliament Is Out of Step With Its Society – And History

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The resistance of national politicians to establish legal protections for sexual minorities is out of step with Japan’s long and widely acknowledged history of diverse sexual cultures.


The Banned 1910s Japanese Magazine that Started a Feminist Movement

Sarah Laskow

'Bluestockings' was the pioneering feminist magazine for young women of Meiji-era Japan.

Taiwan Gay Parade

All Taiwan Municipalities To Recognize Same-Sex Relationships

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Taoyuan will join the other five special municipalities in recognizing household registrations of same-sex relationships starting from March 14. The decision marks the city government’s respect for gender equality, basic human rights and same-sex relationships. Even though the registration will not be legally binding, it can be presented by gay couples as proof of a close relationship when dealing with complex legal disputes.

Participants hold giant rainbow flags during the Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade in Taipei

Taipei City Hall Grants Employees Family Care Leave for Same-sex Couples

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After allowing people to register as same-sex couples last year, Taipei City Hall takes another step forward granting family care leave for employees working in the government.


Largest LGBTI Conference in Asia to be Held in Taipei

Zou Chi

Ruth Baldacchino, ILGA co-secretary general, says that she hopes the Taiwanese government can draw a line between public opinions and the values of human rights and shouldn't let public opinions infringe human rights. Also, the government needs to keep focusing on preventing discrimination against homosexuals on campus and in workplaces.

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