Why Does Nepal’s Aviation Industry Have Safety Issues? An Expert Explains

The Conversation

Nepal has recorded at least 350 casualties associated with airplanes or helicopters since 2000. The EU has banned all Nepali airlines from operating in the bloc’s airspace since 2013.


REVIEW: The Himalayan Arc, Journeys East of South-east

The Third Pole

Analysts, diplomats, journalists and authors give voice to a region that is growing in importance on the world stage.


Nepal Seeing Rising Tourism from China

Bibek Bhandari

The Himalayan nation’s travel industry is transforming to accommodate the growing thirst for adventure from its northern neighbor.


India and Nepal Team up to Rescue Flooded Rhinos

Moushumi Basu

Efforts to rescue flood-swept rhinos have involved around 350 forest personnel and officials from both India and Nepal.


Concern as China's OBOR Hits the Himalayas

Bishal Chalise

There are environmental and ecological concerns regarding the infrastructural projects linking China and Nepal.


China, the Good Neighbor? What China is Up to in Nepal

Galen Murton

Chinese aid and development projects demonstrate a convergence of foreign investment and political power.


Sandmining is Destroying Asia’s Rivers

The Third Pole

Uncontrolled and mostly illegal extraction of sand and rocks from riverbeds for construction is killing rivers across South Asia and China, and must be tightly controlled.


Nepal Mulls China’s Trans-Himalayan Rail Plans

Edward White

‘We have to work in the middle of these extremes.’ What will China’s trans-Himalayan railway mean for Nepal?

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