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Comprehensive Sex Education Remains Controversial in the Philippines 

Voice of America

Advocates for comprehensive sex education say the lack of lessons for many youths is one of the reasons one out of 10 births in the Philippines is by a mother younger than 19.

India erotic temples

India's Health System Is Unprepared for an Emerging Sexual Revolution

Swagata Yadavar

Support services for India's sexually active, unmarried adolescents are virtually non-existent.

children in classroom with pen in hand

Sugar, Spice, Flowerlike: Shanghai Girls Get Schooled in Gender

Fan Liya

Girls’ textbooks raise questions about gender roles in contemporary China.

Exercise book with male and female symbols on wooden background-2015

A Pop-up Study on Sex Education in China

Yuanting Zhang

The majority of respondents for a survey agreed that sex education in China should have Chinese characteristics — not completely western models, such as Comprehensive Sex Education, instead selectively borrowing some western models without mentioning some controversies.


Taboo and Tradition Hinder Contraception Awareness in Vietnam


With many urban Vietnamese waiting longer to get married, the country’s younger generations are recognizing the need to open up about sex education in the conservative country.

Exercise book with male and female symbols on wooden background-2015

Why It’s Time for Chinese Educators to Open Up About Sex

Hu Jiawei

Deeply ingrained conservative attitudes prevent parents and teachers alike from speaking frankly — something that is detrimental to children in China.


Let's Talk About Sex, Taiwan

Edward White

Government health experts in Taiwan want to normalize conversations about sex and relationships in hope of stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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