sexual assault


The Conflicting Values of Taiwan’s Comedy and Gender Discussions

Syrena Lin

Taiwanese comedian Brian Tseng has recently stirred yet another controversy with his unfiltered comedy.


Philippines President Duterte Admits to Sexually Assaulting Maid as Teenager


Rodrigo Duterte, known for making statements that demean women, has now admitted to sexually assaulting a woman himself.


Shame, Pleasure and Affirmative Consent

Sandee Woodside

From Washington to Taipei, allegations of rape are kick-starting conversations about consent and feminine sexual pleasure.

children in classroom with pen in hand

Sugar, Spice, Flowerlike: Shanghai Girls Get Schooled in Gender

Fan Liya

Girls’ textbooks raise questions about gender roles in contemporary China.


Only 1 in 100 Sexual Assaults in Karnataka Ends in Conviction

Devanik Saha

Nationwide, one in 10 such cases ended in conviction, 10 times better than Karnataka’s record.


Taiwanese Rape Victim Apologizes over Cover-Up Allegations

Olivia Yang and Mo Tz-pin

Wu Pei-yu was allegedly raped by a fellow student at Fu Jen Catholic University last year. Yesterday she issued an apology to a school dean who has been criticized for reportedly trying to cover up the case.


Indonesian Worker Attempts Suicide After Taiwanese Agency Ignores Sexual Assault Complaint

ZiQing Low

A female Indonesian worker recorded video of herself being sexually assaulted by her Taiwanese employer and turned to Indonesian media for help after her employment agency in Taiwan ignored her case.

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