New Taipei City


Three Locally Acquired Covid-19 Cases, International School Closes for Week

TNL Staff

Three domestically acquired cases of Covid-19 have led to a school closure in New Taipei City and the partial closure of a school in Taoyuan.


Taiwanese Sculptor Ju Ming’s Last Act

Syrena Lin

From a hardscrabble youth in colonial Japanese Taiwan, Ju Ming ascended to the heights of the international art scene. His last act has been turning a wasteland in New Taipei City into a large-scale sculpture park — a "museum for everyone."


This Taiwanese Family Is Fighting for Their Lost Ancestral Tomb

James X. Morris

Across Taiwan, burial grounds are being demolished to make way for developers. One family is putting up a fight.


UPDATE: New Artifacts Found in Condemned Xindian Cemetery

James X. Morris

Xindian First Public Cemetery is the last flat-land cemetery left in the Taipei basin, but is in the process of being demolished.


OPINION: Huang Kuo-chang Survives Recall Vote and Faces Uncertain Future

Brian Hioe

New Power Party Chair Huang Kuo-chang's survival of a recall vote without support from the Democratic Progressive Party opens a new chapter in his party's future.

新店 新北市私立樂活老人長期照顧中心火警

Six Elderly Residents Killed in Taiwan Retirement Home Blaze

TNL Staff

Police are trying to determine whether insufficient staff may have hampered evacuation efforts.


Five Cities in Taiwan Fight for Taiwan's Identity in International Organization


The mayor of Kaohsiung, along with Taichung, Tainan and Taipei, signed the letter of protest to the secretary general of ICLEI. As mentioned in the letter, Kaohsiung and the other four cities work hard to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and have made good achievements. There is no reason for the cities to accept the mistake made by ICLEI, which may disrupt the friendship between both sides.


Taipei's Airspace to be Liberated; Songshan Airport Will Relocate by 2020


Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je believes that it’s impossible to terminate the airport now as it provides service to 6.1 million tourists annually, or 20 thousand tourists daily. So the ideal solution is to alter its service by transferring it to Taoyuan Airport. However, the scheduled time for the completion of the third and fourth terminals at Taoyuan Airport, as well as a third runway, will influence the relocation of Songshan Airport.


Event Organizer of Water Park Explosion Says KMT Presidential Candidate Is Lying


Lu held a press conference on October 22, arguing that the prosecutors had not gone after the New Taipei City Government and also criticized Eric Chu, KMT 2016 presidential candidate, of claiming that the government did not know anything in advance. Lu indicated that Chu was lying and shirking responsibility.

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