Joko Widodo


Jokowi’s Stake in Jakarta’s Gubnatorial Race

Liam Gammon

After the results of the polls yesterday, Ahok and Anies will compete in a runoff election in April. An Ahok victory was and is Jokowi’s ideal scenario


Why Indonesian Religious Extremists are Gaining Ground

Sidney Jones

Indonesia’s spineless political leaders have allowed extremists to seize the momentum and foment religious hatred.


Indonesian Authorities Say 'Time is Approaching' for More Executions

Olivia Yang

The first round of executions in the country since last April will reportedly take place later this week, and many are calling for a halt.

Combination photo shows City Harvest Church's members arriving at the State Courts in Singapore

ASEAN News: Indonesian President to Relax Restrictions on Foreign Investments

In an interview before he visited the US, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said he would assess the limits on foreign investments in Indonesia's strict regulations. He says these relevant laws are why Widodo hasn’t been able to fulfill his promise of a couple billion US dollars of foreign investment.

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