Saudi Arabia


A Step-up for China’s Involvement in the Middle East

The Interpreter

Beijing will soon supplant Washington as a dominant security partner ­– and the Arab world sees a chance for leverage.


The Origins of Taiwan’s Jewish Community

Jordyn Haime

In the early days of establishing a communal presence in Taiwan, Jews faced both reluctance toward religious inclusion and a Saudi intervention.


This Hearty Group of Filipinos Is Staying Strong Worldwide Despite Virus Outbreaks

Voice of America

2.3 million overseas Filipino workers are adamant on staying put, in the face of the novel coronavirus outbreak.


Bangladesh Looks to Saudi Arabia to Fight Islamic Militancy

Dr. James M. Dorsey

Bangladesh is the first to ask Saudi Arabia for help pushing back forms of Islam perpetrated by the Saudis themselves.


MALAYSIA: Activist's Disappearance Stirs Debate about Saudi-Funded Intolerance

Dr. James M. Dorsey

An activist vilified for his religion before vanishing is at the center of swirling accusations of religious intolerance.


Will the Qatar Crisis Engulf India As Well?

Ashok Sajjanhar

The range and depth of India’s Gulf interests and its rapidly expanding political, economic and strategic profile means that India will have to engage more vigorously with upheavals in this crucial region.


China is Getting More Interested in the Middle East

Gedaliah Afterman

The visits combined with other diplomatic activities reflect the fact that China’s engagement with the Middle East has been growing steadily in recent years.


Saudi Arabia the Next Stop on China’s Maritime Silk Road

Micha’el Tanchum

China and Saudi Arabia's increasingly close relations signals a consequential shift in the Middle East - Asia security architecture.


Strange Bedfellows: Xi, the CCP and the House of Saud

Chris Zambelis

While Sino-Saudi relations will continue to flourish, the kingdom’s precarious geopolitical predicament exposes China to multiple energy and economic risks.

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