Taiwanese aboriginals


OPINION: Extending the HSR to Hualien Risks Spoiling East Taiwan

Matt Dagher Margosian

Taiwan retains something truly special on its east coast. It would be a shame to lose it in a rush towards development.

原住民 馬英九

Taiwanese Aborigines: We Are Not Descendants of the Yellow Emperor


Aboriginal groups said the Ma-Xi meeting was not sanctioned, so President Ma could not represent the Taiwanese people, or even Taiwanese aborigines, and declare that people on both sides of the strait are all part of the Chinese nation.


Aboriginal Proposes Tribal Culture Alternative Military Service to Preserve the Disappearing Cultures


Under current laws, the servicemen that are distributed to aboriginal tribes are usually not aboriginals, and those who are from the tribes lose the opportunity to service and learn about the tribes. Aboriginal legislator candidate, Mayaw Biho, points out the addition of "tribal culture alternative military service" will give tribes the chance to self-develop and reduce the amount of assistance needed from others.

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