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UK to Label Russia’s Wagner a Terrorist Group: Reports

Deutsche Welle

The UK is reportedly planning to designate Russia’s Wagner Group as a terrorist organization, making it illegal to belong to or support the group under the UK law.


Unraveling Taiwan’s Stories of Pain and Tears: An Interview with Aephie Chen

Bryan Chou

Many Taiwanese may lament that European audiences understand their hometown as no more than a remote island in Asia, but Chen took it as an opportunity to construct Taiwan’s identity with cinema.


Rhetoric or Reality? Britain’s Hong Kong Passport Offer Angers China

Voice of America

Beijing has warned that the British offer of citizenship to Hongkongers would breach the 1997 Joint Declaration. Until recently, Britain agreed with that verdict. But China’s attempt to impose the new security law appears to have changed the calculation in London.


The UK and China: Resetting the Relationship

Rod Wye

A strong economic relationship with China remains a key objective of post-Brexit UK foreign policy, but what does the UK have to look out for when establishing a new relationship with China?


UK Experts in Taipei to Convince Taiwan to Drop Death Penalty

Edward White

Recent calls from local activists and the international community for Taiwan to abolish the death penalty have fallen on deaf ears.


The UK Responds To Petition, Not Recognizing Taiwan As A State

Zou Chi

The petition “Recognise Taiwan as a country” gained over 10,000 signings within 20 days, and the UK government responded to it on February 5, stating its consistent position that they “do not recognise Taiwan as a state.”

大學生_Chinese students running on campus

Wealthy Chinese Making UK Middle-class Unable to Afford Boarding School

Shih Yuan

Chinese students with wealthy backgrounds have caused the tuitions of the boarding schools (student ages ranging from 7 to 18) in the UK to rise dramatically, pricing out middle-class British families, which are no longer able to afford the skyrocketed fees.


UK Grants Qualified Taiwanese Express Customs Clearance


After passing the UK's verification and becoming a RTS program member, one can enter the UK through a UK/EU entry lane or an ePassport-gate in airports with a chip (biometric) passport. Users no longer need to fill in landing cards, consult with immigration officials or have their fingerprints taken at the gate.

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[UPDATE] UK Will Respond to “Recognise Taiwan as a Country” Petition


UK authorities have noticed that the number of signitures has gone over the threshold of 10,000, and they will initiate the responding process in the coming days. Once the signing number reaches more than 100,000, the parliament will consider organizing a debate.


China's Investment in British Nuclear Power Plant Worries British Military


A British national defense official says the military is "very worried" about China's participation in the construction of nuclear power plants, and that the Chinese might take the chance to hack the computer system and add traps or loopholes to take control over the nuclear power plants.

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