nuclear power plants


DPP Presidential Candidate Lai Will Consider Nuclear Energy If Safety Is Ensured

TNL Staff

Vice President Lai Ching-te does not rule out exploring nuclear energy in the future if safety and waste disposal issues can be resolved through new technology.


OPINION: Newly Proposed Nuclear Referendums Mislead the Taiwanese Public

Hsieh Pei-yi

Huang Shih-hsiu's new nuclear power referendums contain vague, unrealistic language that fails to properly inform the people of Taiwan, writes Hsieh Pei-yi of Taiwan's Environmental Jurists Association.


China's Investment in British Nuclear Power Plant Worries British Military


A British national defense official says the military is "very worried" about China's participation in the construction of nuclear power plants, and that the Chinese might take the chance to hack the computer system and add traps or loopholes to take control over the nuclear power plants.

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