UK Withdraws Its Judges From Hong Kong’s Top Court

Deutsche Welle

Britain said keeping its judges in Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal would “legitimize oppression” under a controversial security law in the former colony.


The Spies Who Mapped Great Swathes of South Asia by Foot

Eleanor Cummins

Using secret tools, and under cover of night, Indian 'pundits' charted land for the British.


The First Female Doctor in Britain Spent 56 Years Disguised as a Man

Lauren Young

James Barry's true identity was a military secret for nearly a century.


China's Investment in British Nuclear Power Plant Worries British Military


A British national defense official says the military is "very worried" about China's participation in the construction of nuclear power plants, and that the Chinese might take the chance to hack the computer system and add traps or loopholes to take control over the nuclear power plants.

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