HTC's Future: VR Headsets or Failed Bets?

Matthew Fulco

Once a leading light of the global smartphone market, Taiwan's HTC has been hemorrhaging for the past nine quarters. Having bet on sales of its Vive virtual reality (VR) headset to drive future revenues, it will need VR to become a mass market technology sooner rather than later to survive long-term.


How the Internet Is Empowering China’s Older Generation

Federico Sferrazza

China is teaching its senior citizens how to use the Internet, from online banking to social media apps.

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Research Shows 92% College Students Prefer Physical Books Over E-Readers

TNL 編輯

While the number of people using smartphones and other portable devices users is growing rapidly, recent surveys show that e-reader users have been increasing rather slowly; in some cases, it has even been declining.


Smart Phones Will Be Allowed in Taiwan Obligatory Military Service

Zou Chi

The Army Command Headquarters has given order that soldiers in the obligatory military service will be allowed to use smartphones in the camp starting from next month. Regarding this, retired soldiers of the obligatory military say that the Ministry of National Defense has been forced to allow the use of smart phones because they are already everywhere in the camp.

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