Tiananmen Square Massacre


How China Is Erasing Hong Kong’s Tiananmen Square Memories

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Authorities in Hong Kong have been actively removing books about the Tiananmen Square Massacre from library shelves to silence the past. But communities overseas are keeping the legacy alive.


Tiananmen Vigil Ban: Hong Kong Activists Lament Worsening Freedom in City

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After authorities banned an annual vigil to commemorate the victims of China’s deadly Tiananmen Square massacre, Hong Kong activists at home and abroad are seeking ways to keep the tradition alive.


History Is ‘China’s Most Important Psychological Tool’

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China is widely regarded as a millennia-old nation-state, but this is a misconception, journalist Bill Hayton claims in his new book.


Zoom Temporarily Suspends Account After Hosting Tiananmen Square Event

Voice of America

Humanitarian China, an organization focused on providing relief for political prisoners and activists, had its Zoom account shut down. "It seems possible Zoom acted on pressure from the CCP," the organization said in a statement.


Taipei Holds Tiananmen Vigil in Solidarity With Hong Kong

TNL Staff

Taipei holds its annual Tiananmen vigil and shows support for Hong Kong, where the memorial was banned for the first time in 30 years.


Canada Deports a Tiananmen Activist With Mental Health Problems


Canada has deported Chinese dissident Yang Wei on the grounds that his violent tendencies would threaten public safety.


OPINION: There Can Be No Transitional Justice Without Truth of Those Involved

TNL Staff

Two researchers appraise transitional justice through the lens of China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre and Taiwan’s 228 Incident.


CARTOON: China Rebuffs Taiwan President's Comments on Tiananmen Massacre

TNL Staff

China hit back at President Tsai-Ing-wen’s tweets that called for China to adopt democratic reforms.

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