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Spratly Islands


China's 'Dark Fishing Fleets' Cast a Black Shadow Over the South China Sea

The Interpreter

The 'maritime militia' narrative is being overemphasized at the expense of very real problems, writes Zhang Hongzhou.


ANALYSIS: Here's Why the ROC Agrees with the PRC in the South China Sea

Taiwan Insight

The ROC maintains its claims in the South China Sea based on a historical connection to a country it has been separated from since 1949.


Vietnam Upgrades Spratly Islands Outposts in Broiling South China Sea

Vietnam is beefing up its islands outposts and protecting its operations using fishing vessels.


PHOTO STORY: A Busy Year on the South China Sea

China continues its island-building campaign on the South China Sea under the watchful eye of satellites.


Shifting Alliances Leave Vietnam Lonesome in South China Sea

Alexander L. Vuving

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte's pivot to China and standoffishness towards Hanoi has left Vietnam isolated in the South China Sea.

RTSJZPQ 中國 美濟礁

The Rise of Patriotic Tourism in the South China Sea

Andrew Chubb

With their turquoise lagoons, white beaches, abundant marine life and remote mystique, the disputed islands of the South China Sea are a largely untapped tourism resource.

RTSJZPQ 中國 美濟礁

Creating Facts on the Sea: China's Plan to Establish a New City in the South China Sea

China’s behavior in the Paracels is important to analyze because of its role as a blueprint for developments in the Spratlys.


China Builds Two Lighthouses to Further Claim Territory in the South China Sea


China operating the new lighthouses now is not only controversial, but also suggests that China is urgent to frame strategic locations in the South China Sea. It only took less than five months to complete the two lighthouses since China announced the constructions.

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