China pollution

China Aims to Protect Environment through Tax

Bibek Bhandari

China continues its administrative attempts to cure the country of its environmental ills.


It’s Time for Hong Kong to Abolish Salaries Tax

Sam Lee

The government is too rich to levy salaries tax.


Curing the ‘Ghost Island’: Why Taiwan Needs Basic Income

Tyler Prochazka

Sun Yat-sen believed that the benefits from natural resources, monopolies and property should be shared amongst all citizens. This is precisely the philosophy behind UBI, argues Tyler Prochazka.


From Fiction to Reality: Universal Basic Income Gaining Traction in Asia

David Green

The idea is gathering global popularity after a landmark trial in India showed a basic income of as little as US$5 per month had a powerfully positive effect on health, community action and investment decisions in target communities.


OPINION: Stop International Tax Havens

The Japan Times

Efforts to crack down on tax havens are starting to pick up steam, and none too soon.

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Taiwanese Will Be Able To File Taxes With Health Insurance IC Cards Next Year


The Fiscal Information Center points out people need to prepare a health insurance card and a card scanner to register their health insurance IC card on the Internet. By next year, they will only need the card and password to file taxes, which may save a huge amount of money and time.


Airbnb Proposes to be Legalized in Taiwan


Airbnb has promised to pay taxes and provide tenant insurance, which meets the initial requirements of the Executive Yuan. The travel and B&B industries also welcome Airbnb to come to Taiwan for further development.

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