sharing economy


Fixing China's Sharing Economy Woes

China Labour Bulletin

Labor strikes, low wages, and impossible deliveries have ravaged China's gig economy. Simply hiring contracted workers may lead to sustainable growth.


'Thailand 4.0': No Security in the Growing Thai Gig Economy

New Mandala

Thailand has high hopes for the growth of its sharing economy. Despite promising early returns for workers, there is little reason to believe they will lead to long-term stability.


Why Shared Umbrellas Are Hardly Taking China By Storm

Lu Hongyong

Fairweather investors and ill-considered business models are putting a damper on the industry’s future growth.


WeWork Carves Out Space in China’s Cluttered Office Market

Liu Sha

Managing director Ole Ruch says the sharing economy is on the cusp of becoming a ‘powerful force’ in China.


Airbnb Faces an Uncertain Future in Taiwan

Matthew Fulco

The company’s popular apartment-sharing business remains illegal in Taiwan.


Airbnb Proposes to be Legalized in Taiwan


Airbnb has promised to pay taxes and provide tenant insurance, which meets the initial requirements of the Executive Yuan. The travel and B&B industries also welcome Airbnb to come to Taiwan for further development.

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