Is Airbnb Heading Into Regulatory Trouble in Taiwan?

Regulatory crackdowns on 'illegal' hotels mean Taiwan's recent Airbnb surge may be short-lived.

Fintech 金融科技

Taiwan’s Tech Image: Digital Nation or Competition Killer?

Edward White

The Tsai government risks being known internationally as a tech ‘competition killer,' just as it tries to reposition the country as a ‘digital nation.’


Airbnb Faces an Uncertain Future in Taiwan

Matthew Fulco

The company’s popular apartment-sharing business remains illegal in Taiwan.


‘It’s Not Rocket Science’ - Uber Exec Hits Out on Taiwan

ZiQing Low

Taiwan needs a legislative structure that fosters the new digital economy, according to David Plouffe, a visiting Uber executive and former advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama.


Chasing Unicorns in Taiwan

Edward White

One of the world’s top tech investors has two pieces of advice for Taiwanese startups: chase global consumer markets and work as hard as Kobe Bryant.


Illegal Daily Rental Apartments Taking Over Taipei


The Department of Information and Tourism of the Taipei City Government has already requested websites, like Airbnb, with rooms that don't have hotel license numbers to take the rooms off their websites. Regarding this, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je believes the illegal apartments have appeared because there are no cheap hotels in Taipei.


Airbnb Proposes to be Legalized in Taiwan


Airbnb has promised to pay taxes and provide tenant insurance, which meets the initial requirements of the Executive Yuan. The travel and B&B industries also welcome Airbnb to come to Taiwan for further development.

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