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'The Chinese Government Has Lost' - Tributes for Liu Xiaobo

TNL Staff

'His courage and his sacrifice for his country will inspire millions of Chinese activists and dissidents to persevere.'


'I Have No Enemies: My Final Statement' - Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Lecture

TNL Staff

'I still want to say to this regime, which is depriving me of my freedom, that I stand by the convictions I expressed in my June Second Hunger Strike Declaration twenty years ago ‑ I have no enemies and no hatred'


As Liu Xiaobo Enters Final Days, World Watches Xi’s Move — Lawyer

Edward White

'If President Xi now decides he wants to keep Liu Xiaobo in China and silenced he will have to do so in the full view of the world knowing he is intentionally hastening his death.'

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The Costs of Normalization: Norway and Mongolia Respond to Chinese Sanctions

Jichang Lulu

Analysis shows that Mongolia conceded less than Norway when the pair attempted to 'normalize' ties with China. However, the two nations' different response still benefits China's 'core interests' as an authoritarian power.

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Tu You-you, First Chinese to Receive Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine


Tu has no doctoral degree, international experience or title as an academician at the China Academy. Even the Chinese official media, including Xinhua and CCTV, have raised the question why hasn't the Chinese academic field given Tu You-you recognition for 44 years?

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