CARTOON: Google's Dragonfly Buzzes Behind Great Firewall

Stellina Chen

The company that once said it wouldn't be evil has publicly touted its plans to launch a censored search engine in China.


Taiwan's Dream to Excel in IoT Edges Closer to Reality

The government's ambitious targets to grow Taiwan's internet of things industry are coming together despite talent-related teething troubles.


HTC's Future: VR Headsets or Failed Bets?

Matthew Fulco

Once a leading light of the global smartphone market, Taiwan's HTC has been hemorrhaging for the past nine quarters. Having bet on sales of its Vive virtual reality (VR) headset to drive future revenues, it will need VR to become a mass market technology sooner rather than later to survive long-term.


Pink Dot, Speakers' Corner and the Death of Singapore's Only Space for Dissent

Kirsten Han

The Singapore government is barring foreigners from assembling at Hong Lim Park in support of LGBT rights.


The Content Control Reckoning for Tech Giants

John Gooding

Tech giants like Facebook and Google are facing a conundrum: How to prevent hateful and offensive content while also keeping ad revenue?


Fake News in China and Taiwan: Pot, Kettle, Black

Jules Quartly

China and Taiwan offer different models for tackling the worldwide problem of fake news, top-down or bottom-up. Take your pick...


Will China Use Google Scholar to Rewrite History?

ZiQing Low

Experts fear that Beijing's information controls will ‘little by little’ affect access to information outside of China.


Google’s Commitment to Go Green

The Japan Times

Government commitments are important, but even more durable and compelling are steps by companies like Google.

Ko Wen-je_柯文哲

Media Accuses Taipei of 'Leaking‘ Personal Info of 350,000 Students

Olivia Yang

The Taipei City Government denies reports of a massive leak of school children's personal information.

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