Would TikTok Make Microsoft a Serious Threat to Facebook?

Deutsche Welle

Microsoft's potential acquisition of TikTok might turn the U.S. company into an important player in the social media sector. How much of a threat could it be to the likes of Facebook and Google?


​​OPINION: Taiwan Needs to Keep Up With the Libra Bandwagon

Hsin Hsiao

Facebook is on the cusp of launching its cryptocurrency Libra, and Taiwan should prepare for it.


Data, Propaganda and Cambridge Analytica in Taiwan

Morley J Weston

In Taiwan's open society, government and political groups have embraced the use of Facebook as a barometer of public sentiment.


ANALYSIS: How Facebook Is Damaging Myanmar's Fragile Democracy

AsiaGlobal Online

Myanmar is becoming a forceful example of how unrestrained social media can polarize opinion and damage democracy.


Week in Focus: South Korea Jails Park for 24 Years; Sumo Discrimination

Kuan Chen

A weekly roundup of the most important news from around the region in the week beginning April 1.


Why Even Digital Publishers Should 'Like' Facebook’s News Feed Change

David Green

Changes to Facebook's news feed will likely benefit users, advertisers and maybe even journalism.

Indonesia Rally

Fake News Haunts Indonesia's Growing Online Communities

Aim Singpeng

A lack of faith in mainstream media and the failure to maintain democratic institutions is breeding fake news that tells you what to feel as well as what to think.


The People Behind China State Media’s Viral Videos

Lu Hongyong

The recent BRICS summit has given government mouthpiece Xinhua a chance to launch its latest charm offensive.


Robin, the Taiwanese Chatbot Using AI to Talk to Customers in the Local Lingo

Rosemary Chen

'The reason that chatbots are popular right now is not only due to technical innovation, but even more so due to the social media revolution,' says Professor Lee Hung-yi.

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