Chinese students


Balancing Perspectives in the Teaching of Chinese Students

Jonathan Sullivan

Teaching overseas Chinese students presents a unique but by no means insurmountable challenge.


OPINION: Universities Must Act on Chinese Enclaves

Xiaochen Su

Universities must act on the overwhelming cultural and linguistic influence of Chinese students on international campuses.


After Abduction, Chinese Students Abroad Weigh Safety of US

Guo Quanzhi

With Zhang Yingying’s disappearance dominating U.S. headlines and Chinese social media, the focus turns to what can be done to prevent future incidents.


Students Hold Anti-Gay Banner at Chinese University

Wang Lianzhang

Homophobic message angers LGBT students and reveals ongoing discrimination on Chinese college campuses.


How China’s College Students Are Reacting to Trump

Nicholas Z. Scott

My students’ questions about the US election result range from the awestruck to the deeply concerned.


Hong Kong Universities are Losing China's Top Students

ZiQing Low

Political instability and sliding university rankings are to blame as China's top students turn away from Hong Kong, a report says.


Chinese Students Face Financial Barriers in Taiwan

Hsu Chia-yu

A Chinese who tried to raise money to study in Taiwan has canceled her crowdfunding campaign after a barrage of online criticism. The case has sparked discussion about the costs facing Chinese students in Taiwan.

大學生_Chinese students running on campus

Wealthy Chinese Making UK Middle-class Unable to Afford Boarding School

Shih Yuan

Chinese students with wealthy backgrounds have caused the tuitions of the boarding schools (student ages ranging from 7 to 18) in the UK to rise dramatically, pricing out middle-class British families, which are no longer able to afford the skyrocketed fees.

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