The Czech Republic Leads on Taiwan, but the EU Won’t Follow

East Asia Forum

While the EU and its member states are changing their approach toward Taiwan, the level of Czech engagement likely will remain unmatched.


The EU-China Investment Agreement Is a Missed Opportunity To Advance Business and Human Rights

Dr. Bonny Ling

There should be no illusion that the EU or China concerned themselves with improving fundamental rights at work and human rights.


China's Growing Power: A Potential Response From the Anglosphere

Will Peyton

One of the world's most dominant intelligence networks might be looking to expand in response to China's global rise to power.


Asian Biofuel Plans to Trigger Devastating Deforestation

Hans Nicholas Jong

Palm oil production has remained largely flat over the last 20 years, which means the surge in demand will call for a massive expansion of existing palm plantations.


Vietnam to Probe Massive Illegal Logging

Michael Tatarski

Following a major undercover investigation by an environmental watchdog organization into illegal logging practices in Cambodia and Vietnam, the Vietnamese government says it plans to investigate.


All-Weather Friendship: Climate Change and its Effect on Sino-African Relations

China is becoming the leader of climate change policies in developing nations as the new U.S. administration turns it back on the issue.


China-German Relations Warming Up for Better or Worse?

Shuhei Omi

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in China seeking greater cooperation between the two countries, but many issues continue to haunt the relationship.


EU Issues Warning and Taiwan to Increase Fine for Illegal Fishing

TNL 編輯

If Taiwan has not made improvements before the deadline, the European Commission will warn Taiwan with a red card and prohibit the import of Taiwanese fishery products to European countries. It is estimated that it will lead to NT$ 520 million (approximately US$ 15.9 million) worth of damages.

Cambodia Water Festival

Cambodian Water Festival Canceled As Political Tensions Rise

Cambodia’s water festival is a tradition that draws hundreds of thousands to the capital for its boat races on the Tonlé Sap, where the lake water starts draining back to the rivers due to the end of the monsoon. Officials state that the cancellation is due to the low level of the river and drought, but many people doubt the saying.

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