Why You Should Make Self-Compassion Your New Year's Resolution in 2019

The Conversation

Resolutions are hard to keep, but being kind to yourself when facing failure helps you build resilience.


Asia's Mental Health Support Systems Are Still Neglected by Policymakers

Policy Forum

People living with mental disorders remain among Asia's most vulnerable and marginalized populations.


Depressed? Don't Be Afraid to Seek Help

Vanessa Wang

Taiwan has resources for those coping with depression but must do more to raise awareness of the importance of mental health.


OPINION: South Korea Must Turn Apathy into Action on Mental Health

Nicole de Souza

It's time for South Korea to overcome the stigma surrounding mental health.

A Taiwan Witch Burning

A Taiwan Witch Burning

Edward White

If it is true, Lin Yu-ru's story may go a long way in explaining how her life deteriorated to the point that she decided to kill her husband. Does it also mean that one of Taiwan’s most infamous serial killers isn’t responsible for the death of her mother and mother-in-law?


Nearly One in Three Taiwanese Kids Suffer Mental Disorders - Study

Central News Agency

Among 100,000 children in Taiwan, 3,100 have thought of taking their own lives, according to the findings of the three-year study.


Taipei Boosts Mental Health Services for Men

Yuan-ling Liang

Amid rising concerns over the rate of male suicide in Taiwan and years of neglect, a service center for men’s mental health has been established in Taipei.

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