‘Longing for the Rain’ Makes You Long for a Shorter Film

CJ Sheu

Shot in Beijing and Changchun, Longing for the Rain’s explicit treatment of female desire clearly distinguishes it as a Hong Kong film.


Japan's Male Sex Workers Speak Out in 'Boys For Sale'

Nevin Thompson

A new documentary provides a humane and empathetic look at the lives of men working in Tokyo's 'urisen' trade.


Joshua Wong on Documentary "Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower"

Cinema Escapist

Cinema Escapist caught up with Wong to get his thoughts on the recent documentary and its broader socio-political context.


Meet India’s Transgender Community in Documentary 'Black Sheep'

Cinema Escapist

New documentary profiles the hijra — a unique transgender community in India with several thousand years of history.


INTERVIEW: Facing Past Pain and Empowering Others Through 'Small Talk'

Olivia Yang

The intention behind making the Teddy Award-winning documentary, 'Small Talk,' was never to enter any film festival, but rather for the director to face the pain of her past and mend her relationship with her mother.


INTERVIEW: Documenting China's Women's Rights Activist Ye Haiyan

Cinema Escapist

'I was just so curious what kind of person she was, and why she would act this way. So I decided I would meet with her no matter what,' says filmmaker Nanfu Wang.


INTERVIEW: Colin Offland on Making a Documentary in North Korea with Dennis Rodman

Cinema Escapist

Colin Offland, director of the documentary 'Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in Pyongyang' talks about his experiences making this hilarious documentary in North Korea and following around Dennis Rodman.


Documentaries Fight for Attention Amid Box-Office Boom in China

Yin Yijun

With limited freedom and financing, documentary filmmakers cut their own paths to find audiences.


Documenting the 'Gatekeepers' of One of Japan's Popular Suicide Destinations

Cinema Escapist

'Gatekeeper' documents the suicide prevention efforts of a retired Japanese detective named Yukio Shige.


New Film Project Sheds Light on Sexual Exploitation of Minors in Taiwan

Olivia Yang

'I think this subject, the sexual exploitation of minors, is a very difficult one. We wanted to do it in a way that I would want to watch it, even if I don’t understand that world.'

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