Belt and Road Initiative


Explaining China’s Central Asia Pivot

The Interpreter

Beijing’s ambition with its western neighbors is more about heading off U.S. influence than a quest to dominate.


China Expands Its Economic Reach Into the United States’ Backyard

East Asia Forum

Economically, China has been making inroads into South America and the Caribbean, a region where U.S. power once went unchallenged.


Bangladesh Reassesses Its Belt and Road Initiative Strategy With China as the US Offers a New Alternative

Global Voices

The economic troubles faced by Pakistan and Sri Lanka have prompted Bangladesh to reassess its involvement in BRI-related infrastructure projects.


Where Will Prague’s China Policy Go With the New President?

Global Voices

Czech President Miloš Zeman once hailed the Belt and Road Initiative as “the most important project in our modern history.” Not anymore after the elections.


Powerhouse: Clean Energy Transitions in the Indo-Pacific

The Interpreter

Energy security is shifting to new interdependencies based on alternate fuels and rare earths.


Thailand Sets 2028 Target To Finish High-speed Rail Link With China

Voice of America

Thailand’s new goal to finish the railway line from Bangkok to the Lao border is feasible but may be more of a political statement, analysts say.


Insights From Africa As China Stumbles in the Pacific

The Interpreter

Investment, infrastructure, and influence building – what worked for China before may not again elsewhere.


As the World Sanctions Russia, China Takes Note

East Asia Forum

China’s reliance on the West and its capacity to withstand sanctions will be reduced if it has more control over the financial system. While it is working towards becoming less economically dependent on the West, it is not there yet.


Ukraine: Why China Is Not Yet Bailing Out Russia

The Conversation

China has been careful not to make enemies in Europe. Ukraine and much of the former Soviet Union are key components in the ongoing Belt-and-Road initiatives to build a massive international infrastructure of trade routes.


China Needs To Rethink Its Russia Policy

The Interpreter

Beijing may find it difficult to handle this troublesome “no limits” partner.

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