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The Origins of Taiwan’s Jewish Community

Jordyn Haime

In the early days of establishing a communal presence in Taiwan, Jews faced both reluctance toward religious inclusion and a Saudi intervention.


OPINION: Taiwan's Embrace of Brazil's Far-Right Jair Bolsonaro Is Shameful

New Bloom

Taiwan can't criticize China's authoritarianism while continuing its love affair with iron-fisted populists and tyrants.


Did Brazil Just Elect an Anti-China President in Jair Bolsonaro?

Diálogo Chino

The far-right Bolsonaro, who visited Taiwan in February 2018, has criticized Chinese investment in Brazil.

蘆葦之歌 慰安婦

Japan and South Korea to Resolve Comfort Women Issue, What About Taiwan?


The Japanese government will provide a JPY one billion (approximately US$8.3 million) fund for South Korea and both of countries agree to put the comfort woman issue to an end. But Japan has not made any statement regarding the Taiwanese comfort women.


Five More Countries To Offer Taiwan Visa-Free or Visa-on-Arrival Access

Shih Yuan

Following countries, including Kazakhstan, that have given Taiwan visa-free or visa-on-arrival access starting in October, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that five more countries have been added to Taiwan's list of visa-friendly countries.

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Former Taiwan Representative to France Impresses the French with Taiwanese Glove Puppetry


Taiwan's former representative to France, Lu Qing-lon (Michel Lu), says, "You don't need to remember Ambassador Lu. But after you see and hear my speech and performance, I guarantee that you will remember that this is Taiwan."


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Amending the Law to Block Republic of Taiwan Stickers


The designer of the stickers said on Facebook that the stickers are not meant to change the cover of the passports; rather, they are "an artistic action opposing the Utopian 'Republic of China' system." He accused the amendments drafted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be unconstitutional.

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