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柏林圍牆 The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989. The photo shows a part of a public photo documentation wall at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. The photo documentation is permanently placed in the public.

OPINION: Lessons Taiwan Can Learn from German Transitional Justice

Alexander Görlach

Students in Taiwan should focus on the period after German reunification to draw lessons on how to deal with transitional justice.


Tales of Taiwan's Comic Artists: Persecution, Isolation and Endless Talent

Julia Chien

Oppressed under martial law and underappreciated in their native land, Taiwan's comic artists still managed to leave their mark on the minds of millions across Asia.


FEATURE: Taiwanese Rediscovering their History in the Streets of Taipei

Shannon Lin

The rise of walking tours: A rejuvenated interest in Taiwan’s past is changing tourism for visitors and locals alike.


Burying a Dictator: Fresh Bid to Remove All Statues of Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan

Rosemary Chen

'Statues [of Chiang] are the final remnant of the [Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)] authoritarian regime, which has to be removed if a full-fledged democracy is to be realized.'


Why Anyone Who Cares About Taiwan Should Watch 'A City of Sadness'

Cinema Escapist

'A City of Sadness' is not only one of Taiwan's most renowned films, but also a great way to learn about the island.


Odd Couple: Fuxing's Flak Towers Provide Blast from Taiwan's Past

James Baron

While the towers are unlikely to scoop an award for aesthetics, they provide a glimpse of a period of Taiwan's modern history that, like their embrasures, expands to offer a macroscopic view when probed.    


BOOK REVIEW: Green Island

Bruce Jacobs

A review of Shawna Yang Ryan's 'Green Island.'


Taiwanese Film Takes Taiwanese History Beyond The 228 Event


Producer Khan Lee says the difficulties of Taiwan in recent years is not having culture and that creativity comes from having culture. He enjoys taiga drama the most, but no one writes historic plays, therefore he used drama reproduction methods to film "Attabu 2."

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