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Liu Xiaobo’s Lawyer to Testify before US Congress as Focus Turns to Widow

TNL Staff

As attention now turns to freeing Liu Xia, will the White House pressure China on its human rights abuses?


INTERVIEW: Trump, Venezuela and the Riddle of Freeing a Taiwanese Activist from China

Edward White

As the wife of a Taiwanese man detained in China travels to the U.S. and Europe to lobby the international community for support, a prominent U.S. human rights lawyer sees several reasons for optimism as to why Trump may not be so bad on human rights after all.


Can RCEP Revive a Dead TPP?

Alwin Adityo

With the TPP axed, RCEP has quickly become the most crucial trade agreement in the Asia Pacific. But to succeed, RCEP must prove itself as an agreement that can successfully link the interests of countries at various stages of economic development.


OPINION: From Obama Optimism to Trumpian Gloom

Barbara Slavin

As Americans ponder the future with fear, it is hard to reassure friends around the world that as Obama told his farewell news conference, 'Everything is going to be okay.'


WSJ: Businessman's White House Visit Linked to Malaysia Corruption Scandal


The plot thickens as Malaysia's far-reaching corruption scandal continues to unravel.


Questions Raised on U.S. Stance on Cross-Strait Relations

Mo Tz-pin

The U.S. and China seem to have different explanations regarding Obama’s response on cross-Strait relations during the recent Obama-Xi meeting.

Xi Jinping, Truong Tan Sang

Protestors Storm The Streets Before Xi's Visit to Vietnam

Videos posted online show scuffles between protesters and security forces in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. One person with a bloodied face is heard shouting, “This is the bloodstain of Xi Jinping! I was beaten up because of Xi Jinping.”

Chinese President says Constructions in the South China Sea do not Affect Others

Chinese President says Constructions in the South China Sea do not Affect Others


The Spratly Islands is the southernmost of the four islands in the South China Sea. They also have the most reefs scattered among a total area of 820 thousand M². This is where the South China Sea territorial dispute is about.

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