air pollution


Why China’s Attempts to Curb Air Pollution are Facing Resistance

Yuan-Ming Chiao

According to a report by Caixin earlier this month, 33 incidents of industry obstructions occurred in more than half the localities under inspection since April.


US$6 Billion Not Enough to Tackle Air Pollution in Taiwan

Rosemary Chen

Taiwan has announced new emission reduction targets and policies to combat air pollution but environmental groups say they still do not go far enough.


Caring for China’s Smog Dogs

Fan Yiying

Pollution in major cities has long been a scourge to humans, but the health impact on pets shouldn’t be overlooked.


Thousands Show Up for Air Pollution Protest in Taiwan

Rosemary Chen

In 2015, more than 6,000 people in Taiwan died from diseases directly related to poor air quality, making up 19 percent of the death toll that year.


An Asthma Patient in Every House

Mohammad Zubair Khan

Often overlooked, the massive amount of air pollution created by stone crushing machines is a major health hazard for mountain communities from where the stone is mined.


10 Questions: WeMo Scooter

Mo Tz-pin

Eco-friendly scooters are planning to take on the crowded and polluted streets of Taipei.


Delhi Still the World’s Most Polluted Megacity

Alison Saldanha

Inefficient modes of transport, household fuel and waste burning, coal-fired power plants, and industrial activities are the major sources of air pollution.

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