Taipower Brings in Cows to Assist in Taiwan’s Energy Transition

TNL Staff

To avoid harming the environment, Taipower prohibited the use of herbicides for the task of protecting its solar panels from weeds. It's called on cows instead.


Taiwan's Electricity Shortage and the 'Demand Response' Solution

Abby Huang

Taiwan’s daily electricity consumption in May repeatedly hit record highs. Could power be in short supply this summer? Who is sucking up all the power, and could new initiatives encourage them to cough it back up?


Homelessness, Debt, Lost Memories: Hongmaogang's Cautionary Tale

Nick Aspinwall

The people of Hongmaogang have faced numerous challenges since their village was relocated in 2007. Now, residents work to keep their homeland's spirit alive - and warn their threatened neighbors in Dalinpu of what lies ahead.


Could a Fukushima-style Nuclear Accident Happen in Taiwan?

Dinah Gardner

The government's target date for phasing out nuclear by 2025 could not come soon enough.


Taiwan’s Aging Nuclear Plant Worries Experts

Hsu Chia-yu

An investigation at a 38-year-old nuclear power plant in southern Taiwan has left experts worried about the plant’s safety.

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