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New 330W Gaming Laptop Power Supply by Phihong Technology - a lighter GaN charger for a better gaming experience!

This year, Phihong has just released an impressive gaming laptop power supply with a capacity of 330W.


INFOGRAPHIC: Where Not to Park Your Scooter in Taipei

Morley J Weston

The outskirts of Taipei get increasingly sketchy and the Zhongli district of Taoyuan still stands out as the car theft capital of the greater Taipei region.


Behind the Collapse of Taiwan's TransAsia Airways

Behind the two crashes that sank the company were some critical business mistakes.


Fancy a Helmet with that YouBike?

Kuan Chen

Would you miss the feeling of wind blowing through your hair as you cruise the streets of Taipei?


Chainsaw Injuries in Myanmar Tied to Illegal Logging

Poppy McPherson

Despite Myanmar’s nationwide commercial logging ban in 2016, illegal loggers continue to find work cutting down trees with chain saws, imported largely from China and often obtained illegally and used without training or protective gear, according to a months-long investigation by Mongabay.


E-bikes Banned from Sidewalks and Cycle-ways Starting in October


Since the highest speed of e-bikes can go up to 25 km/h and bear a huge difference with pedestrians and bicycles, e-bikes will be banned from sidewalks and cycle-ways in Taipei City for safety concerns.

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