high speed rail


Tracking Vietnam's High Speed Rail Dream


A high speed rail line running the length of the country could cost US$60 billion and reduce the train journey time between Hanoi and Saigon to eight hours.


OPINION: Extending the HSR to Hualien Risks Spoiling East Taiwan

Matt Dagher Margosian

Taiwan retains something truly special on its east coast. It would be a shame to lose it in a rush towards development.


Cash-strapped Malaysia Terminates Singapore High-Speed Rail Plan

Peter Guest

Malaysia's new Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is cleaning house, and the much-needed rail link is an early casualty.


China and the US Collaborate to Construct High-Speed Railway


Just before the visit of Chinese President Xi Jin-ping to the US, China Railway International Inc. and XpressWest Enterprises LLC announced a joint venture to construct a high-speed railway. This will be China's first high-speed rail project in the US.

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