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The Price of Beijing's Vaccine Diplomacy in Southeast Asia

Voice of America

With few options for obtaining doses, many of the countries China is targeting may mute their objections to Beijing’s policies on issues such as the contested South China Sea


The Killings in the Philippines Grow More Brazen

The Interpreter

The recent murder of a well-known activist signals a turning point in the campaign to eliminate dissent.


Philippine Activists: ‘Cloned’ Facebook Account Attacks Possibly Linked to Government

Michael Beltran

The Philippine government’s efforts to stifle dissent took an absurd twist when thousands of university students, faculty, and journalists woke up on Sunday to find cloned Facebook profiles of themselves.


Filipino Worker in Taiwan Defiant in Face of Deportation Threats

Michael Beltran

Elanel Ordidor is steadfast in her commitment to speak freely against a Philippine official's threats to have her deported from Taiwan.


Philippines Bans Deployment of Filipino Workers to Kuwait Due to Mistreatment

East Asia Forum

The Philippine government restricted the amount of overseas Filipino workers in Kuwait after a series of infractions against the bilateral labor agreement.


When Philippines Democracy Hit Midlife Crisis

The Interpreter

The Philippines’ democracy turned 34 last week but continues to flirt with authoritarian fantasies.


This Hearty Group of Filipinos Is Staying Strong Worldwide Despite Virus Outbreaks

Voice of America

2.3 million overseas Filipino workers are adamant on staying put, in the face of the novel coronavirus outbreak.


The Politics of Racism as the Philippines Struggles With Coronavirus

The Interpreter

Rodrigo Duterte and his backers appears to be exploiting the public health crisis to wedge opponents at home.


Outrage Over Duterte's Inaction Grips Filipinos During Coronavirus Scare

Michael Beltran

A general distrust in Philippine president Duterte's ability to handle the coronavirus outbreak has sparked protest both on social media and in the streets.

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