South China Sea


Can China-Philippines Tensions Lead to Regional Conflict?

Ian Murphy

This collision between a Chinese vessel and a Philippine supply boat, along with previous incidents, escalates tensions between China and the Philippines and poses a risk for regional conflict in the disputed South China Sea.


Analysts: China Tests US Commitment to Indo-Pacific in South China Sea

Voice of America

Tensions rise in the South China Sea as Philippine and Chinese vessels collide near a disputed reef. Both sides issued statements criticizing each other and videos were released as evidence.


How Can ASEAN and Its Western Partners Resist China’s South China Sea Influence?

TNL Feature

China seeks to dominate the SCS region while avoiding direct military confrontation by using economic engagement to fracture ASEAN unity.

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It Might Be Plastic Fantastic, but Barbie Lends Cartoonish Credibility To China’s Nine-Dash Line

The Interpreter

The film Barbie has caused controversy in Southeast Asia for showcasing China's “nine-dash line” claim in the South China Sea, which was ruled invalid in international tribunal, back in 2016.


Analyst: US Carrier, Prime Minister’s Visits to Vietnam ‘No Coincidence’

Voice of America

Analysts say visits by diplomats and USS Ronald Reagan are a proof of Vietnam’s so-called “bamboo policy” of balancing the interests of competing powers.


China’s Double Wedge Against Efforts to Foster Vietnam-US Relations

The Interpreter

Just as Beijing seeks to coerce Hanoi in the South China Sea, it warns about Washington’s intentions closer to home.


China’s Strong-Arming Won’t Work in Marcos’ Philippines

East Asia Forum

China lost sight that the Philippines — like many ASEAN countries — is a post-colonial state, sensitive to the raw ambition of superpowers to dominate and bend them against their will. Beijing overlooked the determination of many domestic actors in these countries to defend their national interest.

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US Warns ‘Alarming Increase’ in Aggressive Chinese Intercepts

Voice of America

A senior defense official said since 2021, the PRC has declined or failed to respond to more than a dozen requests from the Department of Defense for key leader engagements, along with multiple requests for standing dialogues and nearly 10 working-level engagements. “Frankly, it’s just the latest in a litany of excuses.”


The US Is About to Blow up a Fake Warship in the South China Sea – But Naval Rivalry With Beijing Is Very Real and Growing

The Conversation

About one-third of the world’s shipping transits the South China Sea. In all, more than US$3.4 trillion worth of products is transported through its waters every year.

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