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Ukraine War: Two Good Reasons the World Should Worry About Russia’s Arms Purchases From North Korea

The Conversation

Arms transfer negotiations between North Korea and Russia are “actively advancing,” according to a US national security council official. This relationship could have significant implications for Ukraine and the UN sanctions regime.


US Dismisses China’s Rejection of UN Accusations of Arms Transfers to Myanmar

Voice of America

A United Nations report claims that Myanmar's military imported weapons and related material worth at least $1 billion from China and Russia since the military junta's 2021 coup.


UN’s World Refugee Day Celebrates Courage and Contributions of Refugees

Voice of America

This year’s theme “Hope away from Home” focuses on the power of inclusion and solutions for refugees, many of whom have been living in limbo for decades because they lack the opportunity to rebuild their lives in host countries or in countries of resettlement.


Food Rations for Each Rohingya Refugee Drops to US$8 per Month

Voice of America

The Rohingya are increasingly stuck between a rock and a hard place as international donors act to wash off their hands and move on to the next tragedy.


Taiwanese Reporters Denied Press Passes for WHA

TNL Staff

The foreign ministry called the incident “a serious violation of a universal human right and the principle of justice for all that the UN aims to embody.”


UN Rights Expert Warns Myanmar Military Planning Sham Elections

Voice of America

The U.N. special rapporteur for Myanmar said the junta would try to spin a narrative to the population that the international community is accepting their regime.


UN Council Adopts Resolution Urging End to Myanmar Violence

Voice of America

This is the first Security Council resolution on Myanmar since the country became a U.N. member in 1948.


Myanmar: Junta Air Strike Kills Dozens, Rebel Group Says

Deutsche Welle

The Kachin Independence Organization says the Myanmar military carried out air strikes on a concert to celebrate the group's founding. The attacks reportedly killed some 80 people, including musicians and civilians.


Can India Tackle Its Population Challenge?

Deutsche Welle

Around 22% of the global workforce over the next three decades is expected to come from India. Experts say unemployment in the country will be “a huge problem” if more skilled workers are not trained.


UN Investigator Warns of Increased Violence in Myanmar

Voice of America

More than a quarter million children have been displaced by junta attacks, hundreds have been killed or maimed, and more than 1,400 arbitrarily detained, said the UN special rapporteur.

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