1992 Consensus


The Political Fallout of the KMT Chairmanship Election

Hiro Fu

Chu, a seasoned politician with a prior stint as the KMT chairman, will face the challenges of leading a fractured party, resetting cross-strait dialogue, and strategizing against the ruling DPP in the 2022 local elections.


OPINION: The KMT Wants to Revise the 1992 Consensus. It Misses the Point.

Hiro Fu

The KMT's proposed revision of its policy toward China misses the point. Taiwan has largely moved on from the KMT's basic approach towards China.


New Leader for Taiwan's China-Friendly Kuomintang Party Signals Change

Voice of America

Taiwan's main opposition party Kuomintang elected a reformist as leader as it considers pivoting from its China-leaning stance.


The ‘1992 Consensus’ Never Existed — Beijing Only Wanted ‘One China’

Raphael Lin

The "1992 Consensus" has been flung around by Taiwanese politicians as a way to discuss cross-strait relations, but there was never even a consensus.


The KMT Paradox: The Anti-Communist Party or the 'One China' Party?

David Evans

Chiang Kai-shek once called communism 'a disease of the heart.' Kaohsiung mayor Han Kuo-yu now describes Taiwan and China as partners in an 'arranged marriage' who are now 'madly in love.'


OPINION: Let's Get Real About Reaching a 'Consensus' Between Taiwan & China

Kent Wang

The Tsai administration must provide a functional roadmap towards calming animosity and developing positive relations with China, writes Kent Wang.


Taiwan's Indigenous to Xi: Taiwan Is Not China, Xi Does Not 'Understand Dignity'

Nick Aspinwall

In an open letter to Xi Jinping, Taiwan's indigenous call on China to respect the self-determination of the island and its indigenous population.

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